02 August 2008

Dont you hate that... sure its 1am but you are alone and figure you can update your blog and then you hear a noise. And the kids are no help but at least they are older now but they are snoring so you cant go and wake them. Oh ok so I turn on all the outside lights and go check it out. Brave me. Ah..... not likely. Hang on I will go turn on a couple more lights.... how does that work.... light good dark bad I guess.

Jen came over today and we sorted out her crochet pattern. Well she came up with the answer in the end and Im glad for her because it is a generous thing to be making such a lovely top for a friend. It would have been a bummer if the badly written pattern held her back.

I cut out more of Sam's bricks for his quilt. You wouldnt think that flannel shirts would have such great colors. It should end up absolutely beautiful.

He has been really fussy and a right pain at tea time the past two nights but tonite my kind Thomas was on board and played nicely with him so I could get dinner and get it into him before he konked out.

***It is very exciting.... there are 14 of us.... we are going to do a round robin together. Five borders put onto your centre piece by 5 people from mostly USA but there is one from Canada and of course 3 here in Australia.

I got hold of some Olympic stamps (Aust) and so can work on my ATCs.

No pressure but got out there today and cut the grass out the back. House inspection 1pm Monday. Its actually another 3 weeks until we reach our 3 month mark... gosh they are keen. Good on 'em.

What Im worried about the most is Samuel on Wednesday. How he is going to go because of strangers and then how he will be afterwards. I have to phone up... I dont know if I can catch a cab to M's with him after the procedure although I should have enough money to stay another night in a motel if needed. Well there is a few $ on the way yippee!! Every bit helps and is gratefully received.

Oh and I picked up Charlie's computer. She can play around with music, use Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint. I put these on for her. I need a mouse for it but other than that it will be quite fine for when we need to type up a uni or school paper. It means the internet pc is freed up. We got the computer for free... she found it sitting besides a skip outside an op shop ready for the tip. I had to pay to get past the passwording and I bought her a monitor because I never believed it would be up and running and I threw the other one out. It is a shame really because it was a better one than we have now. Oh well. For about $90 she has a pretty good pc. It has enough memory to play a few basic games, handles her music really well and being able to use the microsoft programs is enough reason to keep it. Was she happy? Are 14 yr old girls ever happy?

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