12 August 2008

Update on Samuel

well I hug him sometimes and then think.... well he isnt a baby anymore he is nearly 3

He loves a chat and nods and shakes his head most of the time now with yes and no

He has heaps of words, in, out, off, on, something go (means mum dont go), (good god I was just going to pee!), truck, duck, book, Anthony (well kind of... the wiggle), car, toot, om (Tom), me, mummy, mum, .... well Im sure there are a few more. "Oh!", "yeah!".

But Im waiting for real sentences.. but I can wait.. there is far too much talking in this house as is.

I was worried about his bounce on ball thing but he graps the handles and bounces all over the house.

He rides his bike and scooter and loves to throw balls and try to catch. Now I gotta get the kids to stop losing his bouncy balls.. is that another on the roof?

p.s. see his tight little fist.... always did that.. and now when we walk he insists we hold hands and we hold properly.... no pinky finger... he wants the whole hand. You have to love him.

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