10 October 2008

my redone (the cross bit) second centre for the round robin....

so what have I been doing? oh you mean apart from worrying about moving house and having enough money to do everything?

well it's Samuel's third birthday on Monday 13th so Ive got his gifts and I have to sort out a cake. He is going to wake up to heaps of blown up balloons and his pressies.

and then just a week or so later he is having his teeth done so ... yeah.... excited about that? mixed feelings.

Ive packed Thomas' boxes of goodies properly and the dining room and two bedrooms are perfectly perfect for when I have to quickly tidy up for rental viewings (omg that is gonna be fun especially when Im gonna be away for some of the time).

Im constantly working in the garden and on the lawns because I dont want any problems with the final tidy up. Remember? over $200 on cutting grass?

Ive been doing a bit more sewing. Practising the funky star which Charlie loves and we have decided we are going to put in on a cushion for her room. Oh and the block above which is the second round robin. Ive been trying to make a third centre block but I cant settle on a design. I think Im a bit over it all but I will have to finish one soon because I should post a photo and get this whole thing moving along.

Charlie is being great and taking care of her hair better which is great. I bought her a couple of nail polish colors yesterday but being 14.... well Im gonna get to that and do her nails for her.

Thomas is being good most of the time. He is really looking forward to moving and having some swimming time and meeting new people.

It's hurt a bit but the money has gone to finalise their last lot of home schooling books. So that feels good (if tight LOL).

Jen is coming over mid morning for a couple of hours of craft. It doesnt feel like it always... if Sam decides he is in a mood or if Thomas decides he needs attention .... well it isnt a couple of hours sewing or anything. But it is nice to have a friend over.

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