16 October 2008

Samuel had a lovely birthday. It was great to see him enjoy it. You should have heard the giggles. You know they are having serious fun when they are giggling!

Ive been really really good today and have emailed F about viewing 3 or 4 houses; washed and packed two fans, repacked xmas decorations, nearly caught up on the washing, trimmed Charlie's hair, washed and remade Thomas' bed, played with Sam. The back built in robe is now all sorted and ready to put away my sewing when Im not playing around... need the dining room to be perfect.

Have to do some ATCs and posting out by the end of the week.

Ive nearly cut out enough xmas blocks tonite so that I can make a Christmas quilt for us.

Well its 12.30 and Im going to bed.

Couldnt sleep at 3am yesterday.... so hopefully a later night and more sleep less dreaming. Not good dreams. Too many unknowns.

Oh and can you believe the possibility of hand outs of money in December. What about a few billion in making sure my children can enjoy much cleaner and more efficient .. well everything. Not to mention fixing up the education department. Spend some more money on materials and sports equipment and sports uniforms in the schools. That will mean happier kids and more money for other things in the household purse. Awards, prizes for the kids .... anything really to keep them wanting to learn and achieve their best.

A heap of money to everyone poor enough to rub their hands together ... just cant be good for the country. There are just too many important things to do. Bloody hell.

I thought they had given up on handing out big lump sums. Too many car parts, cars, china collectables (LOL), booze, whatever.... instead of the kids benefit.

Hey Mr R.. you interrupt the programming as though you are W. Churchill to make an important announcement. Your ugly face is on the screen for two minutes and I didnt hear a leader. I heard nothing much really. It's your job to protect our money and our economy. Yawn. Just piss off and go do it. You will never be a statesman just incase you are unsure.

You are moon face out of Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree.

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