25 October 2008

We made it Samuel.....

my hands were shaking while I was signing forms.... but with a little boy's strength and love for his mum I guess.... well he has come through the otherside of his dental procedure just fine.

I find it interesting that the dentist blamed me entirely for his teeth's condition. They have put a stainless steel crown on his most developed molar and white crowns on all others. There was the comment that now they have taken out half his teeth I should find it easier to clean them. Yep. Well go fuck yourself George because I clean my baby's teeth. We have a check up in 6 weeks time.

Im working on this but my great sis gave me photos of my kids I havent seen in years. So check out the slideshows to see them grow.

Financially this whole thing killed me so Im glad I stayed where I did..... it might have cost me more! ?

The older kids were pretty good considering the potential problems that I had sleepless nites over.

Have to go play playdoh with Sam and hang out the washing. Gosh isnt it warm today? Mind you.... the roses are lovin the warmth and they are stunning.

Am gonna investigate a length of grey water hose when my money gets a bit better.... the back lawn has died so much just with this few weeks of no rain and its no good for us or the next people.

The move to Ballarat. I dont need to worry about anything except keeping up the bills and getting over there.... I dont care if I have to fill nail holes and paint a room - my family will help. But it would be great to pay $175 NOT $195 - $210 - $225

My girl is playing games with a guy over the internet and phone. My first reaction is to take it all away but that sends it underground. It is a certainty that I wont be letting her go to her friend's house without me..... the boy is 20 kms away..... put 1000 kms of ocean in the middle... and she can go.

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