14 September 2010

Mum grew up in tough times.  Newspaper between blankets and many in a bed just to keep warm.  Swapping shoes over to avoid holes.  A favorite doll's dress cut up by a sibling... there just was never enough to play with, create with, enjoy.  She won a watch as a prize in a drawing competition at school.  She got into trouble a lot for drawing pictures in the margins of her exercise book.  She had beautiful handwriting.  She loved coats and hats.  She loved her friends.  She always worked to achieve perfection in whatever job she put her hands too.  She worked as a nurse, ran a shop, sewed baby clothes and aprons, made teddy bears, cleaned houses.  She brought us up with music and a pool, a sandpit, a cat, rabbits, tea sets, family.  We were apparently poor but we never knew it.  She taught me to be responsible, to forgive, to be honest, to work hard, to be happy with what I have.  When I was little she used to read to my brother & me in her bed at night.  She always smelled of soap and powder.  She liked roses powder.  She loved all flowers.  She loved pretty stylish things.  Tasteful.  But never had much.  Then she met my dad.  The one who raised me.  Im happy to say her life was very very happy.  She found and married a gentleman.  She never had enough pearls or diamonds or fancy things.... for my liking.  But as I get older I think she saw a great wealth in the love and life they shared.  How could bits of rock & glass ever compare.

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