04 July 2012

Had the best day today!  I think we have finally settled on dowel as the top and bottom rail to go into the dress screen leaf.  They will make a nice rounded smooth finish for the quilted panels to go over.  I cant wait to get them together.... my wonderful P will make them tomorrow!

Drove through Baxter and some other peninsula countryside today and the sun was out and it was glorious.  I really have to take my camera... there are less and less beautiful sweeping shots... the rotten freeway cuts through paddocks and cuts the view in two... the old homes and sheds are just getting older and I do want to take lots of photos of how things used to be.  I dont find all that much to photograph in many of the newer buildings out there.

Watched a couple of videos trying to figure out how to adapt knitting with a circular needle instead of knitting pins which I love.  Anyhow Ive got it now.  Im making P a luxurious black pure wool double layered scarf and it is growing at a very fast rate now that Ive got the whole circular needle concept.  I will keep to 4 pins when knitting my socks.  Honestly there is always some value I think in the good old fashioned way of doing things.  Showing my age probably but Ive no problem and I love the ease of knitting with 4 pins.

Off to the sewing machine.  Quilts and screen panels are calling!

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