02 July 2012

Time is going fast and slow at the same time.

After weeks of not having a computer I now have one that I could have only dreamt about.

I havent had the inclination to step out into cyber space for quite some time.  So much has happened and is still unfolding in the real world.  Illness, tests, fear, starting a small business, the achingly slow movements of government and banks to get in line all the business details, a wonderful accountant, a new relationship and kids growing all the time.  Lots of work not done not finished.  Elation and sadness all mixed like a rainbow cake.

To concentrate on the positive.  I have the beginnings of ATCs and stitch markers that are way overdue so that is a relief.  Two very over due quilts are so very close.  I am finding it hard to settle and finish them but after I shake this horrible flu that has put me to bed for days.... I just want to finish them and get them out of my life.

Peter has been great.  it has been a very slow but on the other hand very fast relationship.  I guess you never know who you have in your life until you are forced to take a good look... well sometimes.

I would like to thank my brother for sharing his thoughts of my dying around the same age as my mother ie in about 4 years time.  It has made having mammograms and cancer tests oh so much more enjoyable wondering if life will prove him right.  He and millions of you would laugh at me worrying about some joke prediction.  One should never joke about death.

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