15 April 2013

... it is raining and Sam was very happy to go to school.  I think he has really missed his friends this holidays. Living with teens who just dont want to be nice or give him some positive attention wears him down Im sure. It wears me down.

I have some goals this week.

Finish the housework I began yesterday.  It's looking really good and nearly ALL organised.

Make up a notice for the shopping center to get some more cleaning jobs.  I really want to be home in the evenings and this working takeaway hours at tea time just isnt working for me.

Finally I want to open up the boxes and find the quilts that I need to finish.  I want to open them up and touch them get reaquainted and begin finishing them.

Im working on gloves, a throw and a shawl.  So there is plenty to do if I cant get out to the sewing room.

Well.... off I go.

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