03 January 2014

I'm thrilled that it is finally the new year!

This year I'm determined to NOTICE all the things that happen in our lives.  My sister (both sisters) has inspired me to keep a note in a pretty jar as a record of what happens this year.  Especially to read and take stock at Christmas time.

Come February I am going to write to schools and kinders regarding my dress screens.  What could be nicer than a fundraising opportunity where I show off my screens and quilts etc and hopefully make plenty of lovely sales?  Im working on making sure I have cushions and other accessories to go with the dress screens : sort of like a set of colour.

I am working on a catalogue of fabrics so that people can feel them and see them.  Great photos are also on the agenda for early in the year for advertising.  I dont care if I have to letterbox the whole peninsula : I will get these screens out there!!!

TEENS : not too manic
MY BOY : a bit bored
HOUSEWORK : 5 out of 10
WEATHER : cloudy and really warm
LOVE METER : havent worked out a scale LOL

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