01 June 2014

Obviously . wow! where have the weeks gone?  SO much has happened.  Much has changed.  Back working really hard on screens of all kinds.  New ideas like threading boards and felt boards have come from friends.  Privacy screens for preschool bathrooms are the current project.  Im expecting delivery of crochet cotton (teacher can see through filet crochet) and castors! Who new my creations would not only be on screens but on wheels too?

A current crochet pattern Im trying out.

Im also helping to decorate a preschool with things like yarn bomb trees complete with hanging coloured balls ..... these are pre covering with crochet.
Im enjoying trying out new patterns in amongst planting out new garden beds and sewing quilts too.

As you can see this last picture is NOT my work but the colours are inspirational and this is something like what I hope to have finished really soon. This talented and generous lady has a great blog and here is the link  Do visit her blog it is really great.

 The flower above is just a try out .... grabbed some scraps.... the real thing will be in sensational wool from Bendigo Mill and it will be just the right thing to brighten up any space really.

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