20 July 2014

The "to do" list

Finish binding and laundry bag and post TOMORROW

Finish quilting and binding of final quilt

Crochet two covers for the preschool screens

Sew and stuff a bench seat cushion for the preschool in the "clouds" fabric I found in my stash.

Organise the final outcome of two tree yarn bombing designs.

Thank goodness Im not working away from home much this week.

My driving (omg on my learners at 49!) is going really well and Im going to book in for a couple of proper drivers lessons ..... then get my Ps.  Dont know how I manage to get a car out of Peter and I do have to pay for it ..... but honestly I didnt think Id ever have a car!  It is a cute little white thing just waiting for some female attention.  He gets his "new" car this week so she will be all mine!

Teenagers!  Well Charlotte is 20 at the end of this week!  Who knows where that time went.  Or how we managed to get through the younger teen years and still come out the other end talking to each other.  She needs to get her skates on but Im glad she wants to get into vet science AND learn how to sew.  We have lots of conversations about all kinds of things.  She is really into her garden thing and we have lots of plants and even some flowers in this cold weather.

Tom seems to be much happier and we have getting along with school.  We are all looking forward to the warmer weather when we can get outdoors more.  He is being a bit more "normal" to his younger brother although teases Samuel more than I would like.  But Sam has to learn to make a fist.  It's good for both of them to have brothers I think.  They understand the physical side of being a human being.  Im glad for both of them they arent just surrounded by girls.

Im really getting into this "buying quality" and homemade rather than packaging ... thing.  Charlotte and I are working on a few ideas to get the good stuff out of op shops and cleaned up and sold back into peoples lives.  It all sounds a bit pointless and new age, all hot air I guess.  But I think we are getting there.  Our waste each week gets less and less.  We are baking the bread and biscuits we like.  Our compost heaps is going great.  Charlotte gets out into the garden and weeds and turns over the compost.  That makes the difference.  Having more than one person on the mission!  We are really looking at what we need and what we just dont.  Its nice to have a family thought of being kinder to the planet even if all our actions arent perfect.  I mean driving an old car isnt good is it?

Ive quite possibly found another job!  Typing for hospitals.  A lady I met told me to download the medical dictionary from Steadman and contact the hospitals.  Im ok at dictaphone typing.  Its not bad pay.  And you can work on it day or night really as long as you get it done and then you can email it off.  So it doesnt matter where we live.  I really hope I can get my self confidence meter UP and make contact.  It would be ideal for me.

We are off to Bendigo in a month or so to check it out.  Id like to live in a country town again.  It has nothing to do with Bendigo Wool Mills being there LOL 

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