15 January 2015

Cold wet weather with some steamy sunny bits.  Very strange.  Still holiday time and it might have been a mistake to drop into the local op shop.  Roller blades for Samuel that have hardly been off for two days now.  A new goggle and snorkel set.  Im not going to the beach today.  Two hours at the skate park was quite enough.

Nightmarish hours online and on the phone trying to organise youth allowance and school and uni.

Looking at getting into office work.  Dictaphone typing in particular.  It's a leap of faith.... well it will be after I figure out if I should buy / subscribe to Office 365 AND advertise.  What kind of files come from a dictaphone?  Lots of investigation to do.  Cant wait to get back to typing.

Off to finish two boring black screens for the tattoo parlor.  So boring that Ive been putting it off for two weeks but they are phoning and they are big bulky guys and one of them knows where I live :)

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