15 April 2015

A warm Autumn day...

NOT my photo if Rye in a storm.  But it's about right.  After dropping Peter off at work today we had a good rain with plenty of thunder and lightening,  I should have gone to the beach and taken some pictures but the day was daunting and I stayed home.  Maybe tomorrow.

Im cutting out denim bags. Two kinds of bunting are waiting for the machine.  So much sewing to do.  Samuel and the beach house have been priorities today.

 Playing lego with Samuel who is killing me with his over the top frustration.

Thomas is NOT doing his school work but is playing computer games and having a merry time with a friend over skype.

The bees are buzzing, it's been a really warm day.  Im pretending to love lego but Im really looking out the window at my lovely little olive trees.  Trying NOT to notice that the lawn needs mowing.  And I doubt whether the man of the house will get it done before he leaves for holidays.

Trying to get Samuel to stop talking!  Difficult.  Next cook dinner, do dishes, hang out washing.

Tonight its finishing the bunting and... fingers crossed it doesnt take two hours for Samuel to get to sleep.  That is the minimum at the moment.

Side note:  Just still stunned that getting help for Samuel will cost so much.  And the sensory blankets Ive been investigating.... why on earth are people filling them with plastic pallets?  Let's just totally destroy the environment.... the sick earth that has too many chemicals and plastics and processed foods... that is increasing the incidence of disorders in the first place.

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