28 April 2015


Drugs are bad.  The 9 people about to be executed in Indonesia are convicted of being involved in the drug trade.  There are other countries, one a big ally, who have the death penalty for certain crimes.  But their death row murders dont attract this kind of attention.

For me Indonesia is making a big mistake.  I dont believe that they should execute the two Australians.  Why?

For what? 10 years, these two men have recreated themselves.  And they havent selfishly taken care of their own peace of mind, their own comforts but rather they have put their hands to good works.  They have comforted and mentored.  And by all accounts the prison has encouraged their working with fellow prisoners.  And within this work I believe the men found hope of grace.

And this is why I dont think they should die.  Because I believe the system knew what it was doing. It knew that these men were hopeful that they would live.  Each and every step in getting these men to the execution day has been cruel.  Slow, hope and dashed hope, timing kept a mystery.

And for what?

For what?

These men are not part of my family.  But I feel sick on their behalf.  I have a heavy heart since I read the news that their final time had been announced.  Im not interested in much.  How can you laugh at a joke, watch tv, plan a quilt.... when all you can think about is ... how are they?  is God close to them?  are they gone yet?

I wonder about the agenda of the country.  I dont have a good feeling about the future in this region.  I dont understand what message is being sent.  But I do believe grace has been taken away because there is a message being sent.

I pray for their families and for them.  The cruel countdown to this is inhumane.  It is grossly unsettling.  It should disturb everyone.

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