19 April 2015

Community Sewing Launch - WE DID IT!

Yesterday was the NP Community Sewing Launch.

This group originally formed by two motivated young mums found its way to New Peninsula Baptist Community Centre.  This new venue encouraged NP ladies, Marg, Heather, Marion, Joy and others, to reach out and promote it.  It ran for a couple of years.  A happy cuppa and sewing together once a fortnight.

I started going about a year ago..... I was in awe of the sewing machine mechanic, Gordon, who spent more than the allocated time to thrill us with his sewing machine knowledge and tips.  Following his visit, thinking of the old sewing machines I had inherited, been given, I approached Marg about getting these machines serviced and selling them on at cost to new sewing people.

Hence the need for a NP Community Sewing Launch.

Just opening up a Facebook and Pinterest page did wonders for our contacts and our excitement.  One planning week in and we got some hula hoop mats going.  Still planning... and a new friend Kerryann joined out group.  We made the little felt turtle pin cushion you see above.

And so we came to the launch day.  Red balloons, signs, quilts hanging, bags everywhere, pin cushions, kids clothes, bunting... and a great arrangement of iron board, sewing tables, sewing machines.... and most importantly.... afternoon tea.

Four new ladies, four now regular ladies.... plus three helpers and at least two ladies taking care of the kids.  Big thanks to them!

Now this might not seem much.  But we had a wild ride!  It was terrific.  The hall was fall.  We had just enough tables and power points.  Everyone had a great time.  We offered denim and machines... a bag pattern.... pins, scissors, thread.... away you go!!!

I hope to see everyone in two weeks.  Everyone had smiles on their faces and said they would return.

I felt very happy to pass on a few tips..  And I have a list of tools we need for next time.

***I cant take all my sewing pieces everytime.... but it felt so good to be surrounded by quilts hanging on our dressing screen frames, we were surrounded by ready made items, colours and fabrics... there was a real warmth to the space.  I will be carefully selected a few things to take. The "can do" feeling was fantastic. And Ive drawn a diagram.... so I put the ironing board and the cutting table in the same place all the time.... what works... we want to keep.  And I get the vibe that not everyone wants a lot of technical information.... not all at once anyhow.  So Im going to offer a side class for things like zips, jean hems, button holes, skirts and shorts..... I really think some of the group will go for the little projects that are able to be done by themselves... and another group will be interested in using different sewing machine feet and learning other skills.  Im sure the two groups will mesh nicely and it will keep things fresh.

Im exhausted.  Im still nervous.  I feel we might need a meeting and I might need to delegate some things.  I suppose that is how it goes..... you get in volunteering and you see what is needed and you have to limit yourself 'cause the list goes on.  One step at a time.... that is what Im concentrating on.

Next time we are making birds.... birds for mobiles (does anyone think about the fact that the baby actually sees the bottom of the pretty birds LOL).... birds for Christmas and birds for pincushions.

At the end of it... for me... Im still looking who can sew like me.... who I can sew with.  Whoever that is... I hope they see our signs and I hope they come along.

And I would love to have this whole thing SO organised that I get to sew too.

In the meantime... the smiles on the faces and the ladies were talking to me, to each other, and the thoughts of new projects in the ladies' minds and the enthusiasm for having found a great sewing group... well who could ask for more?

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